Electrocatalytic Green Engineering Group

Open positions

The Electrocatalytic Green Engineering Group is committed to provide the best possible working environment for its members. We highly value innovative and independent thinking. We are strongly committed towards academic freedom.

To apply, start by reading the description of the open position. In all cases a statement of purpose, a complete CV, including a list of publication and relevant industrial experience is required.

Research positions are available at PhD and MASc level. Internships are as well possible. Exceptional candidates may be considered at any time, even if no specific position is currently open.

MASc positions

As a MASc candidate you will work in the frame of an ongoing research project. It is expected that you will publish in international journals or international conferences. It is as well expected that you will be involved in teaching activities as teaching assistant.

Interim positions

As a research interim you will have the possibility to work in the frame of an ongoing research project under direct supervision of a research assistant.